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Grow Your Sales With SEO-Friendly Product Variants For Shopify

SEO Variants helps Shopify merchants increase traffic and optimize conversion with our SEO-friendly product variant app.

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Optimize your traffic and conversion by creating variants that map to native products without sacrificing your store experience.

Unlimited Options & Variants

Get past the Shopify 100 variant limit and set up as many options in a set as you'd like. Want a to create a matrix of options, we've got you covered.

SEO For Product Variants

Linking native Shopify products enables each variant to rank in Google (using Shopify Variants they can't). You can configure your SEO tags at a variant level to maximize rankings which results in more relevant products showing search results.

Improve Integrations

All major sales channels simply work better when you sync native Shopify products to them. Channels like Google Shopping, Instagram, Etsy, Klayvio, and more all have more capabilities when dealing with products instead of variants. This means more traffic from those integrations.

Filter By Options in Collections

Each variant being a product also means that its simple to enable filtering on collections by variant option. You can add filters for size, color, shape, style, anything you'd like. Better filtering means customers find the product they want faster.

Link Sibling Products

Our product picker links to native Shopify products. Now you get the benefit of flattening your site without sacrificing the product experience. You can cross-sell more products and better build bundles. Our picker handles out-of-stock items and we're the only app where you can add multi-dimensional options that map to native products.

Better Product Pages

Let's face it, the Shopify variant feature is limited and can only do some of the things that a Shopify product can do. Now you can add a gallery of images per variant, change price, seo tags, manage inventory, set metafields all on a per variant basis. Better product pages means higher conversion and more sales.

Product walkthrough

Step 1

Convert your Shopify variants into native Shopify products

Step 2

Create a product group by configuring your option(s), option types, and adding values

Step 3

Map your variant combinations to native Shopify products

Step 4

Check out SEO Variants on your store!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from Shopify's native product variants feature?
For one we don't have the 100 variant or number of options limit, we use normal products in Shopify, not Shopify variants. Most importantly we enable you to rank your variants in Google which isn't possible using Shopify Variants today. It also means that integrations are smoother with sales channels like Instagram, Etsy, Google Shopping, and any other channel because each variant is a unique product so you can reference the exact variant when promoting on those channels. This helps you drive more traffic to variants.
How is the app SEO-friendly?
Shopify's native variants and all the existing product option apps treat variants like they are just options to switch to when in reality a product may be quite different based on the variant option selected. Even if it's just a different color if you write a unique description it's far better to have the variant show up with the specific color in Google as it's more relevant. Our app also makes it easy for Google to crawl through the variants by how we link our options. Which means more and higher converting traffic for you.
Is the customer experience different?
No, it's pretty much the same as using Shopify variants with the exception that clicking a variant option brings you to a different product page. The experience is as user-friendly as existing options but has the benefit of getting all your product variants ranked in Google.
Does this work with product collections?
Yes! In fact, you can use Shopify search and discovery to add filters to your collections so your SEO Variants can be based on your option values, making it even easier for your customers to find their products. Simply add a metafield to each product for each option and value and configure your collections to filter based on metafields.