Getting Started

How it works:

SEO Variants groups together native Shopify products and creates a picker that redirects customers to each product based on the selected combination. This approach is superior to Shopify’s default variants, as products can fully rank on Google, while Shopify variants cannot. By converting your variants into products, all your variants become searchable on Google.

Step 1: Convert Your Variants to Products

Each variant must be a separate product in Shopify for our app to work. For example, if you have a T-shirt with color options of red, green, and blue, you need to convert this into three new products, each representing a color:

  • T-shirt Red
  • T-shirt Green
  • T-shirt Blue

The same applies if you have multiple options. For instance, with color options (red, green, blue) and style options (V-neck, crew neck), you need to create products for each combination:

  • T-shirt Red V-neck
  • T-shirt Red Crew neck
  • T-shirt Green V-neck
  • T-shirt Green Crew neck
  • T-shirt Blue V-neck
  • T-shirt Blue Crew neck

This setup helps you group your products correctly and maximize SEO for these variants.

Step 2: Add the App Block to Your Store

1. Click on “Online Store.”

2. Click “Customize.”

3. At the top, select “Products” -> “Default product.”

4. Under product information on the left, select “Add block.”

5. Toggle to “Apps.”

6. Select “SEO Variants.”

7. Choose where you would like to place your variant picker.

8. Save the theme.

This will enable the SEO Variants picker in your theme. If no product groups are configured, nothing will show on the frontend in that section.

Step 3: Create your first product group

1. In the SEO Variants app, select “Product Groups” and create a product group.

2. Name your product group (this won’t be visible to customers; it’s for your reference).

3. Name your option (this will be visible in the picker), such as Color, Size, Pattern, or anything you’d like.

4. Choose your option type: Button, Dropdown, Image Swatch, or Color Swatch.

5. Add the values, such as Red, Blue, and Green for color.

6. If you choose Color Swatch or Image Swatch, you must add a color or image to the values. For Image, use the product selector to take the first image thumbnail from the selected product.

7. You can add another option if you want more than one option for your products.

8. As you enter the values, the variant combinations will be generated below the configuration.

9. Assign a product to each variant combination. When the user selects those values on the frontend, they will be redirected to the selected product.

10. Save the product group.


Congratulations, you have created your first product group! Now you can view the picker in action on your store for the products in that group.

For assistance with setup, bulk loading product groups, customizing the styling of your picker to match your store, or any other help, please reach out to We are here to help you succeed!