How to convert from Shopify Variants to SEO Variants?

  1. Research if your product variants have SEO value.
  2. Export your products to CSV.
  3. Duplicate the fields from your primary product your variants.
  4. Modify the fields to include the option values (this can be done using formulas to make it faster):
    1. Title
    2. Body (HTML)
    3. Variant SKU
    4. SEO Title
    5. SEO Description
  5. Ensure price, images, tags, Google Shopping, inventory, and metafields are correctly set for each product. 
  6. It’s often best to upload the products in status = draft and set them live in your store if your store is public. This gives you the ability to configure product groups before going live. 
  7. Re-import the spreadsheet to create your new products.

For really large product catalogs, we are happy to help you convert those into product-level data and bulk create product groups. Please reach out to