How to research if your product variants have SEO value?

  1. Let’s say you have a store that sells prom dresses. You have Shopify Variants set up to display color options and size.
  2. Choose a product to research, for example “Formal Prom Dress”, don’t include brand names or colors just take the root product keyword.
  3. Enter it into ahrefs free keyword tool or Or use Google Keyword Planner (requires free account) and directly enter the product url. 
  4. What you’re looking for is a pattern of which options have search volume versus which doesn’t. In this example we see brands, colors, attributes like sleeveless, and sometimes size with search volume. 
  5. This means it is important to convert your colors to SEO Variants but it could be optional to convert size unless you wanted to maximize search volume. 
  6. In this case I would convert all of a dress to SEO Variants and keep Shopify Variants for sizes.
  7. If your keyword has no search volume then you are likely to see little benefit outside of user experience reasons for converting it and are good with Shopify Variants.