How to bulk import product groups

  1. Go to the product groups page and select Bulk Import.
  2. Download the import template linked from that page.
  3. Open it in your favourite spreadsheet editor.
  4. Notice there are two tabs, 1 for options, and 1 for variants.
  5. Keep the header row but replace the following content:

For options tab:

  1. Product Group - the internal name used to describe a group of products
  2. Option Name - the name of the option ex. Colors which will be displayed on the storefront.
  3. Option Type - the type of option which will determine the display of that option in the picker. Available types are Button, Dropdown, Color Swatch, or Image Swatch.
  4. Value Name - The name of each value in the option list ex. Red, Blue, Green - one per line with the other fields replicated.
  5. Color or Image - If you selected color swatch or image swatch you need to either enter the hex code for color or a link to the image hosted in your Shopify store for image.

For variants tab:

  1. Product Group - the same product group name as the options you just created.
  2. Variant Name - the combination of options and values that create a variant. Ex. if you created options for colors Red, Blue, Green and material Wood, Metal, in the first tab you will need to have mappings for Red / Wood, Red / Metal, Blue / Wood, Blue / Metal, Green / Wood, Green / Metal in the variants tab. 
  3. Product Handle - This is the handle (last part of the url) to the product in your shopify store that you wish to map this combination to. Ex.
  4. If you don’t want to map a particular variant to a product and instead want that combination disabled, simply leave the product handle blank. 
  1. Save the file as a .xlsx excel formatted file.
  2. Select it for import and select import.
  3. The import button will show as a loading, depending on the size of your import this can take some time so wait for the process to complete. 
  4. Once completed you will either see a success message or errors explaining what you need to fix in your import template. 
  5. Head over to your product groups section and see your new groups.