How to create a product group

What is a Product Group?

A product group in SEO Variants is a group of products linked together through option value combinations. It includes a name, options, and values. The name helps you identify the group internally and is not displayed externally. Options are attribute categories such as Color, Material, Pattern, Size, etc., and each option contains values (e.g., Color: Red, Green, Blue; Size: Small, Medium, Large). The combination of these values creates Variants (e.g., Red/Small, Red/Medium, Red/Large). When customers select option values in your store, they are directed to the specific product mapped to that variant.

How to Set Up a Product Group

  1. Make sure you have individual products in Shopify for each variant combination (e.g., Red Snowboard Regular).
  2. Name your product group (e.g., Snowboards).
  3. Add your options (e.g., Color: Red, Blue, Green; Stance: Regular, Goofy).
  4. Choose your option type:
    • Button
    • Dropdown
    • Color Swatch
    • Image Swatch
  5. For color and image swatches, select a color or image to display for each value in your picker.
  6. Variants are automatically generated below your options.
  7. Assign your variants to the corresponding products. If a combination does not have a SKU, leave the product field blank, and the picker will show it as a disabled value.
  8. Click save, and you’re done!